August 6, 2020

Who, what, where, when, why, and how? That’s what people want to know. When it comes to real estate on and off Topsail Island, here is what you need to know about Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Treasure. 
  • Who? We are the Trusted Local Experts. We are an established leading resource for all your real estate needs.
  • What? We help people find their treasure. In other words, we help you attain your real estate goals.
  • Where? We are the leader in sales on Topsail Island, North Carolina, and we also serve the surrounding mainland coastal communities.
  • When? We are here and ready to serve our clients anytime. We are ready to help you buy or sell your home whenever you are.
  • Why? We do what we do because it is a win-win. Our success makes clients happy, which makes us happy, and Topsail Island is a happy place.
  • How? We strive to be the best, to lead the competition, to support our communities, and to bring about success for those we serve.

Why Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Treasure?

 Here are ten good reasons:
  1. Trusted – Trust is an earned reputation we’ve been given thanks to our numerous happy clients. It is a privilege every time we help a client.
  2. Local – Family owned, raised in the area with local vendor/business relationships. We understand real estate on and off the Island. 
  3. Experts – Decades of experience, serving the island and mainland communities since 1990 and founding members of the TIAR.
  4. On and Off the Island– We are the leader and expert on the island but also serve the surrounding communities in Pender and Onslow including Hampstead, Jacksonville, Sneads Ferry, Holly Ridge, and beyond.
  5. Production – Rising from a small business amongst the leading real estate companies in the area, Treasure grew to consistently rank #1, with over $1Billion sold in 30 years.
  6. Marketing – We have a team on staff with knowledge and drive to ensure your listing gets the best spotlight possible on all platforms.
  7. Advertising – We explore new avenues consistently but also stick to traditional and digital platforms such as magazines, billboards, postcards, papers, and emails.
  8. Brand and image – Prominent image and established brand, community engagement, and involvement.
  9. Technology – We invest in and utilize technology that is exclusive, and strategic, and keeps us ahead of the competition while producing results that other agencies would have difficulty achieving.
  10. Vacation and Rentals – We are the biggest vacation and long-term rental/property management company on and around Topsail with our own maintenance. This provides us with hands-on knowledge of homes and relationships to better serve all our clients.

how can we help?

The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Treasure team is a group of trusted local experts who know the area intimately and who help their clients find just the right place for a second home, investment property, or year round residence. Using our vast knowledge of the rules and regulations of living along the coast, we work diligently to educate our buyers and sellers to ensure they have the smoothest transaction possible. Other services include commercial real estate and long term rental property management. Contact us today!

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