REASONS to work with Us

REASONS to work with Us




Buying a home is one of the most exciting milestones of your life. To prepare yourself for this moment, you need to know what to expect during the process. This step-by-step first time buyer’s guide created by our team will help reduce the stress of buying a home and help you enjoy the journey as much as possible.


Step 1: Find An Agent

Meeting with Real Estate Agent in your area that are experienced local experts is an important step. A Real Estate Agent can help identify properties as well as inform you about county, city and other local matters that may impact your purchase. They ultimately can arrange your showings and handle the contract process, limiting legal issues and offering peace of mind for a smooth
transaction in what could otherwise be a stressful time. Working with a real estate agent that has a network of connections to lenders, inspectors, and insurance agents can further simplify the process for you as a buyer.


Step 2: Get Pre-Qualified

This important step is a must when you are thinking about a home purchase. It determines how much purchasing power you truly have or what corrective action (if any) you may need to take to increase your ability to purchase the home you really desire.


Step 3: Determine Your Must Haves:

This is the fun part! Now that you have your budget identified through the prequalification process, your buyer’s agent can help identify properties for you. Tell them what you really have to have and what you do not want to see. Not all properties will have every single item but knowing what is important to you ahead of time can be invaluable as you explore homes. This will help you prioritize and eventually pick "the one" that is just right for you!


Step 4: Submit Your Offer

Work with your Real Estate Agent to submit the offer on your home. They will guide you through the contract process together with your lender and can assist you with your offer of negotiated items such as furnishings, warranties, due diligence fees, earnest money deposits, the due diligence period or closing costs.


Step 5: Due Diligence Period & Closing

Your lender and your Real Estate Agent will work together with you to assist with property inspections and loan processing. Both have the knowledge and skillset to make this process as smooth as possible and on track for meeting due diligence and closing deadlines. Be forewarned, at times, it will feel like someone is asking you for "the moon" but it will be worth it when your deed is recorded and you finally get the keys to your very own home!


After signing the final paperwork to complete the purchase, you are now the owner of a new house. It may take a few days for your loan to be funded once the paperwork has been returned to the lender, but once that check is delivered to the seller, you’ll be all set to move into the home of your dreams.

Amye and Bizz are great Realtors®. They worked hard to find the property I wanted, secure the terms, and get to closing. I will always use their services in the future when buying or selling property.


Not say enough about Wanda. She is wonderful Very professional and courteous. Got us through some rough times when a deal Wanda course fell through. She responded to our emails quickly. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. I would not use any other real estate person if she was available.


Bizz Baker is a five-star Realtor®, We hired him to sell our beach house, which we had difficulty selling. He assured us there was a buyer out there for our property, and he delivered! He was very responsive to all our questions, let us know details about every show, and generally kept us informed every step of the way. Since we live out of state he had to step in and take care of some details regarding ...


how can we help?

The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Treasure team is a group of trusted local experts who know the area intimately and who help their clients find just the right place for a second home, investment property, or year round residence. Using our vast knowledge of the rules and regulations of living along the coast, we work diligently to educate our buyers and sellers to ensure they have the smoothest transaction possible. Other services include commercial real estate and long term rental property management. Contact us today!

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