Why You Should Consider Using Treasure Realty to Manage Your Topsail Island Rental!

Great Reputation

We send a nine question survey to every vacationer to gauge their satisfaction with Treasure Realty, our properties and our cleaners. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 (as of 7/25/2016), 85% of our guests gave Treasure a satisfaction score of 7+ (on a 0 to 10 scale with "10" being extremely likely to recommend Treasure to a friend) and 45% gave us a perfect 10!

The Point: We are doing a great job serving our guests and monitoring for improvement! The better we serve our guests the more repeat business we have and the more income our owners receive. There is no better advertising than a guest that enthusiastically recommends your company.


When you book over 7,000 reservations each year, you gain experience quickly! Treasure Realty currently has 21 full-time employees on the rental team. Several of them have been with us for more than 10 years. No company can have sustained success without knowledgeable and loyal employees and Treasure Realty is no exception. With our combined years of experience, we can guide you to success.

Property Maintenance

We have the advantage of a very experienced maintenance department. We have five full time maintenance team members and a supervising maintenance manager. You will have one point of contact for any maintenance issues that arise at your home. We also have some of the most reliable vendors in the area to help us care for your home like we would care for our own homes!

Property Inspections

An employee from Treasure Realty will walk through your home to look for theft, damage, and confirm that things are in working order after every guest departs. They are equipped with iPad Minis and can use them to instantly communicate with our maintenance team. This helps us care for your home and ensure that your next guests have no unhappy surprises upon their arrival.

Responsive & User Friendly Website

We were the first and we remain one of the few companies on Topsail to have a responsive website. This means we have a website that looks beautiful and is user friendly on any device. In a world that is increasingly "mobile first,” a modern responsive website is a must.

Guest Reviews

It can hardly be denied that user generated reviews of vacation rental properties are becoming a must for the younger generation of vacationers. When was the last time you purchased a product on Amazon without looking at the reviews first? Sites like VRBO.com and TripAdvisor.com have grown to national prominance by giving guests a way to share their experiences. We actively ask our guests for reviews and we have hundreds of their reviews on our website and on VRBO and TripAdvisor. (We advertise on VRBO, HomeAway, Flipkey, TripAdvisor, Rent-A-Beach and other popular rental websites.)

TripAdvisor Reviews

Two Locations

Over the past 23 years, we have gained some wonderful vacation rental properties in Surf City and Topsail Beach. Over time, it became evident that we needed to open a Surf City office to better serve owners and guests. We now have an office just before the Swing Bridge in Surf City. With two locations, Treasure Realty can better serve all of Topsail Island.


We use Facebook and other forms of social media to keep the Treasure Realty brand at the forefront of our fans’ and past guests’ minds. It is not unusual for one of our posts to get over 1000 likes, be seen by 20,000 people, and have dozens of comments and shares. With over 45,000 Facebook followers, we are keeping Topsail Island and Treasure Realty on everyones mind.


We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year promoting our vacation rentals through various means. We can help you maximize your rental income.

With all this in mind, Isaac Baker would love to spend some time talking with you about your Topsail Island vacation rental. He has over fourteen years of experience marketing Topsail Island rentals for Treasure Realty and has watched Treasure Realty grow from less than 50 properties to the size we are today. He would be glad to evaluate your rental and give you his opinion on its potential rental income, proper pricing and maybe offer some suggestions that could increase your rental income.

Isaac 910-545-4411